Flying American Virtual

We’re a Virtual Airline simulating American Airlines and it’s partner airlines using Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3d and X-Plane. With over 40,000+ routes, Flying American Virtual has the most up-to-date schedules in the virtual airline community.

Powered by iCrew v4

With iCrew’s powerful backend running our pilot center, we’re able to offer you unmatched features in a virtual airline. From SimBrief dispatching built-in, to live streaming of your flights straight to YouTube or Twitch, we have more features than you’ve seen in any other virtual airline.


Endless Features | Over 100+

Our powerful iCrew system exceeds your typical virtual airline standards. We are a forward thinking and always innovating VA experience. With more than 100+ unique features, we have a lot to offer. Our website and iCrew center is also all mobile friendly.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Simulated Aircraft Maintenance

Did you land your last flight a little too hard? Has it been close to 10,000 miles? We have a simulated maintenance facility in place to keep your virtual aircraft in the air.

SimBrief Dispatch

It’s built in to our database coding, so you’re always getting the most realistic and easy to use system. SimBrief offers unmatched flight briefings to elevate your virtual airline experience.

Live Streaming

You can now live stream your flights to YouTube or Twitch using our built in live stream features. Show the world how great of a pilot you are!


No more boring, text only logbooks. We have interactive maps to show you where you’ve been, and a passport feature that automatically adds in new countries you’ve visisted. Let’s explore!

Destination Tips

With over 40,000 airports in our database, on top of 14 different airlines, its sometimes hard to decide where you want to fly to next. Our destination tips suggest airports to you that you’ve never been to before.


Our dedicated screenshots center lets you post, like, share, and comment on your fellow aviator’s inflight moments.


We love being a virtual airline that communicates with its pilots. We have a Discord Channel, WhatsApp Group, Forums, as well as an internal emailing system.

Charter Ops

Tired of the same old flights from hub to outstation? We have an amazing Charter Ops system that allows our pilots to create their own charters or perform a scheduled charter flight. Fly your favorite sports team to the big game, or fly a business group to their weekend retreat.

Live Flight Tracking

A live flight tracker that shows you information in graph format like altitude, speed and heading. (Think FlightAware). Our live flight tracker gives you much more detailed info than a typical google maps image.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

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